Ethel Browne Harvey
Postdoctoral Seminar Series

The Society for Developmental Biology Ethel Browne Harvey Postdoctoral Seminar Series was established to highlight the work of our outstanding postdoctoral members, providing a platform for those members who will soon be going on the job market. Speaker selection will represent the breadth of diversity in the Society, including gender, race, ethnicity, type of institution, geographic location, and research organism. 

Day and Time
Second Friday of the month at 3:00 pm ET. Next seminar is September 10, 2021.

The one-hour virtual seminars feature two postdoc speakers giving 20-minute talks followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. All seminars will be recorded and available for a limited time. Recordings will be posted the Monday following the seminar (except for holidays).

Postdoc members of the Society for Developmental Biology (2021 dues paid) are eligible to apply to be a speaker. Deadline: Monday, August 16, 2021, 11:59 PM ET.


Latest Seminar

Alys Jarvela (University of Maryland College Park) Genome editing in mosquitoes reveals evolutionary handover of developmental gene function Ryan O'Neill (National Institutes of Health)  Traip controls brain size via mitotic DNA repair

The SDB Postdoctoral Seminar Series is free and open to anyone interested in developmental biology and supporting the great work our postdocs are doing.

View the June 11 Seminar Recording:

Speaker Schedule (Download)

October 9
Michael Piacentino
Temporal changes in lipid metabolism control neural crest epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and plasma membrane fluidity
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Natasha O'Brown
Neurovascular interactions guiding the development of the blood-brain barrier

November 13
D’Juan Farmer
Deciphering the embryonic origins and the genetic regulation of skeletal stem cells in the vertebrate skull
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Olena Zhulyn
Rapid remodeling of the translatome underlies wound closure and regeneration

December 11
Camila Lopez-Anido
Single-cell resolution of stomatal lineage dynamics within the Arabidopsis developing leaf
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Fanju Meng
Dynamic H2A.Z patterning controls chromatin accessibility and neural crest differentiation trajectory

January 8
Christopher Bolt
Regulatory reallocation of HoxD13 and the molecular origin of human and murine limb mesomelic dysplasias
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Nicole Edwards
Discovering the developmental mechanisms of trachea-esophageal defects

February 12
Melissa LaBonty
Conservation of the genetic interaction between Bbs5 and Nphp4 across species
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Adam Isabella
Divergent mechanisms of nerve patterning in development and regeneration

March 12
Xubo Niu
Tendon cell regeneration is mediated by attachment site-resident progenitors and BMP signaling
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N. Soledad Reyes de Mochel
Sentinel p16INK4a+ cells in the basement membrane form a reparative niche in the lung

April 9
Cara Moravec
A novel role for the chromosomal passenger complex in germ plasm aggregation during early development
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Brandon Carpenter
C. elegans establishes germline versus soma by balancing histone methylation

May 14
Daniel McIntyre
Gonadal basement membrane interferes with Notch signaling, guaranteeing primordial germ cell quiescence in C. elegans embryos
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Katheryn Rothenberg
Rap1 controls adhesion and cytoskeletal rearrangements to drive rapid wound repair

June 11
Alys Jarvela
Genome editing in mosquitoes reveals evolutionary handover of developmental gene function
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Ryan O'Neill
Traip controls brain size via mitotic DNA repair

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