Postdoctoral position to study the role of pancreatic progenitors in development and regeneration, University of California, Irvine

Posted 5/11/2021

The Parsons Lab researches the regulation of pancreatic progenitor cells during the development and regeneration of insulin-producing β cells. We investigate how specific progenitors are chosen following β-cell ablation, as well as the molecular and cellular mechanisms used in regeneration. Although the cellular origins of pancreatic cancer remain enigmatic, the progenitors we study express many of the genes that mark cancer stem cells.

This position is an exciting opportunity for a candidate who possesses a strong research background in stem cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and developmental biology. Good written and oral communication skills are essential, along with excellent project management skills. Familiarity with the zebrafish as a model system is preferable but not required. We will prioritize applicants with additional research experience in studying functional genomics/bioinformatics. The postdoctoral fellow should possess strong abilities to take initiative and will be expected to apply for fellowship grants as well as develop a journal article for publication.

UCI BioSci provides numerous opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and opportunities for public-facing research. The Parsons Lab is committed to scientific excellence, diversity, and providing mentorship for professional and career development. Please send a cover letter, CV, and three academic references to Michael Parsons, PhD at

Last Updated 09/16/2021