Postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Posted 1/6/2021

Postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Ryuya Fukunaga at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The laboratory is broadly interested in understanding RNA biology.

More specifically, we are studying 1) the molecular mechanisms of biogenesis and function of small silencing RNAs such as miRNAs and siRNAs and 2) biological and molecular functions and mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation by RNA-binding proteins.

We employ a wide range of approaches that include biochemistry, Drosophila genetics, cell culture system, and deep-sequencing.

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic new member of the lab. Candidates must have received (or be expecting) a Ph.D. within the past three years in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, structural biology, or a related discipline. Candidates with strong background in biochemical, molecular, cellular, and genetic analyses in RNA biology and/or Drosophila genetics are encouraged to apply.

The positions are available immediately.

Please email 1) a cover letter containing a brief summary of your research experience, interests, and motivation, 2) CV, and 3) contact information of at least three references to Dr. Ryuya Fukunaga at

Last Updated 01/06/2021