Research Intern, Cell and Regenerative Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Posted 12/22/2020

Requirements: The Tamplin laboratory uses mice and zebrafish to study the blood stem cell microenvironment. We are seeking a Research Intern who can assist with experiments and general lab duties. Experience with molecular biology, microscopy, microinjection, genetics, zebrafish and mouse husbandry are preferred. We are looking for independent and motivated applicants who are passionate about research, understand general scientific principles, have excellent organizational skills, and have demonstrated ability to complete detailed work. The candidate will be able to work in a collaborative manner with a diverse group of researchers. There will be opportunities for co-authorships on published manuscripts. A bachelor's degree in the biological sciences is required. Please send a cover letter, CV, and a list of 3 or more references.

Job Duties: Duties Include: - Design and perform experiments with guidance - Collect and analyze data - Keep accurate lab records - Assist graduate students and postdoctoral fellows - Help maintain and monitor a zebrafish facility - Order reagents and supplies for the lab - Perform some mouse husbandry tasks - Perform routine lab tasks (e.g. making solutions, cleaning glassware and autoclaving, etc)

Begin Date: As soon as possible
Percent Time: 100%
Salary: $30,345

Contact: Owen Tamplin

Last Updated 12/22/2020