70 Years of Hamburger & Hamilton

September 9, 2021 - September 9, 2021

“A series of normal stages in the development of the chick embryo”, published in 1951 by Viktor Hamburger and Howard Hamilton (Journal of Morphology 88: 49–92), that, whilst not the only staging system for chicken embryos, firmly established the chicken as a major model in cell and developmental biology.

70 years of the HH (Hamburger-Hamilton) staging system is a great opportunity to celebrate the history of the chicken model and how it shaped the careers of many researchers. We also should look into the future – which scientific question will the chicken model help us answer? In this free, half-day symposium our two speakers will share their stories of how decades of using the chicken model have shaped our understanding of embryonic development – including working with Victor Hamburger.

Drew Noden, Cornell University
Cheryll Tickle, University of Bath

The symposium will be online, and registration is free.

Organised by Susanne Dietrich and Frank Schubert, University of Portsmouth, UK

Last Updated 10/01/2021