Virtual Meeting: Developmental Disorders: From Mechanism to Treatment

September 14, 2021 - September 17, 2021

This Meeting, a collaboration between the Development and Disease Models & Mechanisms journal teams, aims to bring together developmental biologists, human geneticists and clinical researchers who are united in the goal of understanding and treating developmental disorders. The underlying causes of developmental disorders – genetic or environmental – are often not understood. Moreover, there is a disconnect between researchers working on animal models of developmental disorders, geneticists trying to identify the genomic lesion responsible, and clinicians hoping to treat affected patients. Given the resulting urgent need to improve communication between these groups, to promote basic research into congenital anomalies and to invest in translating this research to the clinic, this Meeting will focus specifically on building bridges from bench to clinic.

contact information:
Abstract submission deadline: 23 July 2021
Application deadline: 13 August 2021
Registration packages:
PhD students /postdocs £50
Academia £100             
Industry £200

Last Updated 07/19/2021