Frequently Asked Questions

Society for Developmental Biology 80th Annual Meeting
Virtual, July 12-16, 2021

Virtual Posters

Does my poster really have to be 6 ft wide x 4 ft high?

Choose the layout that best displays your information. The suggested landscape dimensions (6 ft wide x 4 ft high) are our usual printed poster dimensions.  You are more than welcome to create a vertical (portrait) poster so long as the file size stays under the max upload 10 MB limit. In the Whova web and mobile app, posters open in a separate window. Attendees can zoom in and pan around to interact with the material.

I uploaded the wrong poster file. What do I do?

Presenters cannot delete uploaded documents. Contact SDB at Please make those requests early (by July 8).

How will poster presentations work in Remo?

Poster presentations in Remo will function similar in-person poster sessions.  Each presenter is assigned a table in one of three Remo buildings (A, B, or C). Attendees and presenters will enter Remo through a link in the Whova agenda.  All guests enter Remo at a random table.  Presenters will navigate to their assigned table, share their screen, and walk visitors through their poster as they would in-person.  Attendees will be able to hop around and visit as many posters/tables as they wish.

Last Updated on 06/30/2021