Assistant Project Scientist – Chen Lab, University of California, Davis

Posted 7/5/2018

The appointee will be required to make creative contributions and increase the collaborative development of an active research program investigating topics relevant to the research area in cancer metabolism and in the development of novel therapeutics targeting nuclear receptor proteins in cancer. 

PhD in the fields related to cancer biology, molecular biology or biochemistry.

The successful candidate must have 3 or more years of cancer research experience that involves use of experimental approaches in the areas of cancer cell metabolism and cancer therapeutic target identification and/validation, and extensive use of patient-derived xenograft models. Extensive experience in 3D culture system, cell culture and cell biology techniques, and functional genomics approaches is also required.

The candidate will be responsible for designing and conducting a series of experiments to investigate the nuclear receptors’ function and their functional mechanisms in cancer metabolism and to determine the value of them as therapeutic targets, using in vitro and animal models. The candidate will also study the potential efficacy, safety and mechanism of action of small-molecule inhibitors that target the regulators and receptors.

Publication: The candidate will publish research results in peer-reviewed journals, books, and other outlets either independently or in collaboration with the PI or other members of the research team.

Contact:, Emily Gonzalez

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