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Mentor Team

Evan Brooks
(North Carolina State University)

Nanette Nascone-Yoder, Academic Mentor
Martha Alonzo-Johnsen, Lab Mentor
(North Carolina State University)

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Fran Franceschini Lopez
(University of Puerto Rico, Ponce)

Jeremy Nance
, Academic Mentor
Joshua Abrams, Lab Mentor
(New York University)

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Iliana Hernandez
(New Mexico State University)

Graciela Unguez
, Academic Mentor
Matthew Pinch, Lab Mentor
(New Mexico State University)
"MyoD from three different electric fish species used to induce a muscle phenotype in mouse fibroblasts."

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Caroline Pritchard
(Lehigh University)

Alana O'Reilly
, Academic Mentor
(Fox Chase Cancer Center)

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Josean Reyes Rivera
(University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras)

David Weisblat
, Academic Mentor
(University of California, Berkeley)

Former Fellows

SDB Fellow
Mentor Team
Chibuzo Anojulu
Chibuzo Anojulu*
Pennsylvania State University
Celeste Nelson, Academic Mentor
Victor Varner, Lab Mentor
(Princeton University)
"Cellular mechanisms that drive branching morphogenesis in the embryonic chicken lung."

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Alexander Calderon*
Case Western Reserve University
Diana Ramirez-Bergeron, Academic Mentor
(Case Western Reserve University)
"HIF and Notch noncanonical pathways affect the emergence and differentiation of cardiovascular progenitor cells."

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*Currently a graduate student at New York University

Naiga Cottingham
Naiga Cottingham*
University of Pittsburgh
Judith Yanowitz, Academic Mentor
Mainpal Rana, Lab Mentor
(University of Pittsburgh)
"Characterization of xnd-1 function in germline development."

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*Currently a medical student at Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez
Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez*
University of Hawaii Manoa
Alexandra Joyner, Academic Mentor
Alberto Rosello Diez, Lab Mentor
(Sloan-Kettering Institute)
"The nervous system’s role in the  symmetrical development of limb bones."

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*Currently a graduate student at Lehigh University
Edgar Gutierrez
Edgar Gutierrez*
University of California, Davis
Suzanne Mansour, Academic Mentor
Lisa Urness, Lab Mentor
(University of Utah)
"FGF, BMP, SHH signaling pathways regulate morphogenesis of the inner ear."

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Talia Hart*
San Francisco State University
Carmen Domingo, Academic Mentor
(San Francisco State University)
"Differences in the plasticity of neural ectoderm cells in X. laevis embryos.

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*Currently a Senior at San Francisco State

David Lakomy

David Lakomy*
Rice University
Daniel Wagner, Academic Mentor
Bhavna Tandon, Lab Mentor
(Rice University)
“Development of a zebrafish Port Wine Stain model.”

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*Currently a medical student at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Jennifer Lidgard (2013)
Boise State University
Mary Dickinson, Academic Mentor
Ross Anthony Poche, Lab Mentor
(Baylor College of Medicine)
“Characterization of the Ronin and Cyclin D1 retinal phenotypes.”

Davys Lopez*  (2013)
University of Florida Gainesville
Jeremy Nance, Academic Mentor
Diana Klompstra, Lab Mentor
(New York University)
“Localization of the polarity regulator PAC-1 by components of the cadherin-catenin complex.”

*Currently a graduate student at Columbia University
Jesus Martinez-Gomez
Jesus Martinez-Gomez*
University of Washington
Verónica Di Stilio, Academic Mentor - 2013, 2015
Kelsey Galimba, Lab Mentor - 2013, 2015
(University of Washington)
“Characterizing a male sterile homeotic mutant and using Yeast Two Hybrid to test the Ranuncluid B-class protein interaction.”

E. Jane Albert Hubbard, Academic Mentor - 2014
Olga Pekar, Lab Mentor - 2014
(New York University) 

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*Currently a graduate student at University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Pineda
Christopher Pineda*
San Francisco State University
Laura Burrus, Academic Mentor
Lab Mentor
(San Francisco State University)
“Identifying Wnt ligands involved in neural tube closure.”
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*Currently a graduate student at San Francisco State University
Brittany Prioleau
Brittany Prioleau*
Winthrop University
Heather Evans-Anderson, Academic Mentor
Pooja Pardhanani, Lab Mentor
(Winthrop University)
“Expression of FGF9/16/20 and Foxp1 in juvenile and adult Ciona intestinalis.”

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Victor Roman Rivera*
(University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón)
Kate Lewis, Academic Mentor - 2014
Sam England, Lab Mentor
(Syracuse University)
"Interneuron specification in the zebrafish spinal cord."

Martine L. Behra
, Academic Mentor - 2015
Luis Colon Cruz, Lab Mentor
(University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus)
Characterization of genes important during the development and regeneration of the lateral line in zebrafish."
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*Currently a graduate student at Ponce Health Sciences University, Puerto Rico

Krissie Tellez
Krissie Tellez*
San Francisco State University
Carmen Domingo, Academic Mentor
Julio Ramirez, Lab Mentor
(San Francisco State University)
“Characterizing the plasticity of the neural ectoderm during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis.”

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*Currently a graduate student at Stanford University

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