Postdoctoral Position, Evolution and Development of Teeth in Reptiles, University of British Columbia

Posted 12/1/2017

A full-funded Postdoctoral position is available December 1, 2017 to investigate the evolution and development of teeth in reptiles.  Our lab has been studying the processes of tooth development and tooth replacement in snake and lizard embryos (see review Richman and Handrigan, Genesis, 2011; Handrigan et al., 2010, Dev Biol, vol. 348, 130-141). In addition we have identified populations of putative stem cells in the dental epithelium using the gecko model (Handrigan et al., Development, 37: 137 3545-3549, 2010). This NIH-funded project will focus on the signalling pathways that control tooth replacement as well as the contribution of putative stem cells to this process. Approaches used will include primarily in vivo manipulations on adult geckos followed by single-cell RNAseq on the responding dental epithelium and mesenchyme. Applicants should have recently completed a PhD (2 years or less) and have related research experience in bioinformatics, RNAseq, developmental biology and/or evolution. Please email a CV, statement of research interests and contact information for at least three referees to:

Dr. Joy Richman
Life Sciences Institute, UBC
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z3

Last Updated 12/07/2017