Postdoctoral Scholar in Multidisciplinary Research Lab, University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Posted 10/18/2017

Prof. Jeremiah Zartman in the Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Notre Dame is seeking applicants for the position of post-doctoral researcher. Prof. Zartman runs a highly interdisciplinary research lab with a focus on quantitative analysis of multicellular systems and organ size control. Specific areas include quantitative developmental biology, signal transduction, and cell and tissue engineering. Applicants should apply via email to Prof. Zartman ( Please supply a current CV, anticipated start date, and the contact information for three references.  Experience with Drosophila genetics, cell culture, quantitative methods or Synthetic Biology is a plus. Applicants should be innovative, self-motivated researchers who have a strong publication record from their PhD and/or previous post-doctoral positions.

Last Updated 10/18/2017