Graduate Student Position, The Range Lab, Mississippi State University

Posted 10/4/2017

The Range lab at Mississippi State University is recruiting graduate students interested in evolutionary and developmental biology. Research in the lab focuses on understanding how a network of three different Wnt signaling branches (Wnt/Beta-catenin, Wnt/JNK, and Wnt/Ca2+) coordinate the regulatory networks that establish territories along the anterior-posterior axis, using sea urchin embryos as the primary model system. We also collaborate closely with Counterman lab at MSU to study how Wnt signaling is involved in butterfly wing pattern development.

The position is for a talented PhD student to work on a NIH funded project beginning as early as the Spring of 2018. The student project will focus on the roles of non-canonical Wnt signaling pathways (Wnt/JNK and Wnt/Ca2+) in patterning the early AP axis in sea urchin embryos. The student will also have opportunities to study similar Wnt pathways in butterfly wing development. The position offers training in a combination of molecular manipulations, high-throughput genome-wide assays and bioinformatics, gene regulatory network analysis as well as classical embryology.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Ryan Range at With your inquiry, please include a CV, unofficial transcript, and GRE scores if available.

Applications for Spring are accepted until November 1st, 2017

Last Updated 10/04/2017