Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Irvine

Posted 9/1/2017

The UC Irvine Center for Complex Biological Systems seeks a postdoctoral scholar to study the polygenic basis of congenital heart defects, and the transcriptional identity of heart progenitor cells, in mouse models of mammalian heart development.  The position is fully funded and will be supervised by Professors Anne Calof and Arthur Lander.  Research will focus on how multiple small perturbations to gene expression collectively produce heart defects in multi-system birth defects disorders known as transcriptomopathies.

The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. in molecular and/or developmental biology, genetics, or genomics, and evidence of publication and/or preparation of high quality journal article(s). The applicant’s training should provide sufficient preparation to use mouse genetics, embryology, molecular biology, high resolution imaging (including optical projection tomography and MRI), together with genomics (RNA sequencing/bioinformatics), to identify morphogenetic abnormalities (progenitor cell proliferation, patterning and migration) and gene expression changes. Single-cell RNA sequencing of early embryos will also be used to identify transcriptional changes in individual progenitor cells.

Salary level is negotiable and will depend upon the candidate’s experience. Please submit a letter of interest, current CV, statement of research and a minimum of 2 reference letters to:

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