Postdoctoral Position, Silver Lab, Duke University

Posted 8/10/2017

The Silver lab at Duke University School of Medicine seeks a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to investigate genetic and viral causes of microcephaly. The successful applicant will have a strong and productive scientific record, be highly collaborative, inquisitive, diligent, and have previous experience in one or more of the relevant fields: virology, developmental neurobiology, mouse genetics, and RNA biology.
The Silver lab investigates genetic and cellular mechanisms controlling cerebral cortex development, and contributing to neurodevelopmental pathologies and brain evolution. We employ mouse genetics and embryology, fixed and live imaging of embryonic brain slices and neural progenitors, and genomics. The Silver lab has ongoing collaborations with expert virologists and RNA biologists in the Department and with other developmental neurobiology labs at Duke.
Our recent accomplishments include: discovery of post-transcriptional mechanisms controlling neural progenitor function and contributing to microcephaly (Pilaz et al, Current Biology, 2016; Pilaz, et al, Neuron, 2016; Mao, et al, PLOS Genetics, 2016; Mao et al, J. Neuroscience, 2015) and discovery of genetic mechanisms relevant for brain evolution (Boyd et al, Current Biology, 2015; Silver, Bioessays, 2016).

Last Updated 08/10/2017