Post-doctoral Position in Vascular Development at University of California San Francisco

Posted 8/7/2017

We are seeking outstanding candidates to lead a project studying Notch, TGF-b, and ephrinB2 signaling pathways in arterial venous programming/reprogramming during development and disease processes. We take a conditional mouse genetic approach to manipulating gene expression in endothelial cell-specific and temporally controlled fashion. We also use cutting-edge in vivo real time imaging technology, including an in lab constructed two-photon microscope, which provides exceptional access to gene function in vivo at the cellular resolution along with blood flow measurement overtime in live animals. This basic approach is complemented by preclinical studies with our elegant mouse models of diseases,offering outstanding opportunities for translational research. The laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities at the molecular, cellular, and organismic levels. In addition to funding from the PI, we also have an excellent track record in sponsoring postdoc fellowships. We are interested in a well-trained, highly productive recent Ph.D. to continue our innovative breakthroughs in a rewarding training program. This postdoctoral research is an excellent platform for a highly productive Ph.D. with a strong motivation to become a future group leader. Experience with mouse techniques is a plus. UCSF offers outstanding postdoctoral career development opportunities. Please submit your CV, research interests, and the names of three references by email with a subject title “postdoc application” to:

Rong Wang, Ph. D.

Last Updated 08/07/2017