Postdoctoral Position in Quantitative Imaging of Mouse Gastrulation, Sloan Kettering Institute

Posted 7/11/2017

A postdoctoral position is available in the Hadjantonakis laboratory at the Sloan Kettering Institute in New York City. This project will use the mouse as a model and employ cutting-edge genetic and quantitative imaging-based approaches to investigate the mechanisms driving cell fate choice and germ layer morphogenesis during mammalian gastrulation.

Applicants should have recently obtained a Ph.D. degree in an area relevant to quantitative imaging, cellular biophysics, computational cell and/or developmental biology, and possess a track record of productivity from their graduate studies. Applicants will be motivated to work independently in a competitive, interactive and collaborative environment. Molecular biology, genetic and optical microscopy skills are essential. Previous experience with model organisms is highly desirable, as is familiarity working with image analysis and biostats software (e.g. MATLAB and R).

To apply, please submit a cover letter, a CV, and the contact information for 2-3 referees to Kat Hadjantonakis (

Last Updated 07/11/2017