Animal Technician, Tufts University

Posted 2/28/2017

The Levin laboratory at Tufts University (see and is looking for an animal care technician who will be responsible for the care of our colony of planaria, a free-living, aquatic flatworm that is able to regenerate every single part of its body, and our aquatic frog colony. Specific responsibilities include water changes, cleaning, feeding, carrying out basic water chemistry kit tests and recording that data, and monitoring the overall health of the animals. Other tasks would include helping our research associates clone specific planaria genes (for those candidates with molecular biology experience), performing some simple experiments (for example, cutting planaria and treating them with pharmacological reagents that alter their body-plans and/or regenerative properties), and assisting graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the laboratory with their own experiments.

Basic Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in biology or a related discipline is preferred, but individuals with experience in any kind of aquaculture may be sufficient.

Additional Qualifications: 1–2 years of laboratory experience a strong plus; priority will be given to applicants that have previous experience working with animals in a laboratory setting.

If interested, please email a cover letter and your complete CV to

Last Updated 02/28/2017