Postdoctoral positions in annelid developmental evolution, North Carolina State University

Posted 4/28/2021

The Zakas lab studies the genetics of developmental evolution. We are interested in determining the genetic basis for developmental traits, and how genetics shape complex life-histories. We use the marine annelid, Streblospio benedicti as a model for understanding life-history evolution.  Our projects focus on comparative oogenesis, embryology, and larval biology of the two developmental morphs, and intermediate types. More info about Streblospio and the lab’s projects can be found here:
The Postdoc project involves comparing expression differences during embryogenesis at the single-blastomere level to determine the spatial and temporal differences that regulate development. We are interested in determining the role of autonomous maternal factors in development and understanding how maternal gene regulation results in different developmental modes. The approach is flexible, but possible projects include single-cell seq and ATAC-seq. We are also developing CRISPR transgenic lines. Informal inquiries are welcome: czakas (a)

Positions can begin as early as July 30, 2021

Last Updated 04/28/2021