2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival

USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo Photos

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Exhibit Setup

Steve Farber (Carnegie Institute & BioEYES) setting up zebrafish (Credit: Ida Chow)

Marsha Lucas (SDB) setting up planaria (Credit: Ida Chow)
BioEYES - Zebrafish Development

Fish are mesmerizing. (Credit: BioEYES)
Kids observe developing zebrafish embryos (Credit: Christine Weston)

Kids and parents are highly engaged (Credit:
Christine Weston)

Oh my! Was that a beating heart? (Credit: Christine Weston)
Frog Development

Checking out the beating heart of a tadpole (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)

Mom and daughter observe Xenopus embryos (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)

Jenny Lenkowski (Goucher College) helps visitor (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)

Ida Chow (SDB) helps girl at scope (Credit:
Christine Weston
Regeneration - Planaria, Zebrafish

Karla Barbosa-Sabanero (NIH), Theresa Geiman (Loyola U MD), and Lakai Legg (Howard U) share planaria regeneration (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)

Margarita Correa-Mendez (UMBC) explains planaria regeneration (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)
Marnie Halpern (Carnegie) helps child discover what organisms regenerate (Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science)

Marsha Lucas (SDB) points out zebrafish tail fin regeneration (Credit: Christine Weston)
GFP Zebrafish

Marina Venero Galanternik (NIH) shows her zebrafish embryos expressing GFP (Credit: Marsha Lucas)

Marina holds her FASEB BioART winning image (Credit: Marsha Lucas)
Visitors and Volunteers

Tasha Bock and boyfriend (left), Quincy Bock Stokes, John Stokes, Steve Farber (Credit: Ida Chow)

Ida Chow with the Bock family (Larry Bock is the founder of the USA Science and Engineering Festival; Credit: Ida Chow)

Karla, Ida, Marnie (Credit: Christine Weston)
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