Research Technician/ Research Assistant, Functional and Chemical Genomics, Oklahoma Medical Research Facility

Posted 10/10/2017

Using Drosophila (fruit fly), we aim to discover cellular and molecular mechanisms how metabolic dysfunctions cause human diseases including neurological diseases and cancer. We utilize variety of approaches including genetics, metabolomics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology as well as confocal and electron microscopy.

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  • Maintenance of Drosophila stocks
  • Ordering supplies, maintaining inventory and generating essential stock solutions
  • Conducting genetic experiments to assess gene function in Drosophila
  • Conducting basic molecular biology and biochemistry experiments such as PCR and cloning
  • Prep of Drosophila tissue samples and imaging using light and fluorescent microscopes
  • Detailed documentation of experiments and results 
  • Participation in lab and departmental meetings

Minimum Qualifications:

BS/BA/MS degree in one of the biological sciences, or four years of professional, paid relevant lab experience. Familiarity with pipetting technique and calculation of solution concentrations/dilutions. Ability to record detailed procedures and results.

Preferred Qualifications:

1+ years of relevant lab experience. Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred but not required: animal husbandry (worms, flies, fish, mice, etc.), molecular biology (e.g., cloning and PCR), microbiology/sterile technique, cell culture, protein biochemistry, immunolabeling, histology, and/or microscopy.

Last Updated 10/11/2017