Technician or Lab Manager, McMenamin Lab, Boston College

Posted 1/31/2017

The McMenamin lab uses interdisciplinary approaches answer fundamental questions about post-embryonic skull morphogenesis, the molecular regulation of developmental coordination, and the evolution of life history variation. Our lab uses the zebrafish model to investigate the impacts of thyroid hormone on development of the craniofacial skeleton.


We are seeking a technician or lab manager to work closely with the PI manage our molecular lab, help maintain our fish colony, train and supervise students in the lab and perform administrative duties and benchwork. An ideal candidate will have a BS in a related field, excellent communication skills and attention to detail, 3 or more years of lab experience, experience as a supervisor and interest in molecular developmental biology and craniofacial skeletogenesis.

Boston College is an R1 University located 6 miles from downtown Boston. BC is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ and disabled individuals are particularly encouraged to apply for this position.

Please submit a cover letter, CV, description of interests and 3 or more references to The position is open until filled.

Last Updated 01/31/2017